Civil Disputes & Litigation

Civil Disputes & Litigation

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  • November 30, 2016

Small to medium enterprise commercial disputes, employment disputes, contractual disputes, debt-recovery, property disputes, sub-contractor charges.

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The nature of litigation is to achieve the best possible outcome with a minimal financial outlay.

Litigation Lawyers Brisbane seek to achieve the best outcome for our client’s through a pro-active approach in seeking an early resolution if possible. This approach seeks to limit the often drawn out and expensive process of litigation.

That said, we realise that some matters don’t settle and we have the skills and capabilities to assist all businesses and private client’s in court proceedings. We will utilise the best resources in obtaining the best possible outcome.

Our litigation areas:

  • Commercial disputes,
  • Employment disputes,
  • Contractual disputes,
  • Debt recovery and enforcement,
  • Joint venture or partnership; and
  • Property disputes.
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