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What is the role of a conveyancer?

What’s the role of a conveyancer? A Conveyancer is a property law specialist that will handle the transfer of the property titles. The conveyancer will lodge the paperwork with the relevant State Department, search the property title, enquire about zoning, rates and outstanding fees associated with existing body corporates (if applicable). They will liaise between the parties for settlement, ensure special conditions are fulfilled, liaise with the bank, prepare the settlement and attend the settlement on your behalf. They will [...]


How To Buy An Investment Property

How to buy an investment property. Who said that you need to buy a home before an investment property? Rules, rules… there are no rules. Rent that bad boy out, claim the deductions and gain on capital growth. A clever purchase, a little patience and you could reap the rewards. This can be a financially sound option but it won’t be suitable for everyone. Professional advice should definitely be sought prior. Be mindful that if you receive the First Home Buyers [...]