Step By Step Guide – Selling Property

Step By Step Guide – Selling Property

Selling property the easy way.

Step 1 – Before Contract is Signed

  1. Appoint a real estate agent.
  2. Contact your solicitor to assist with the preparation of the contract and discuss any queries you may have.

Step 2 – Signing Contract

  1. Conduct negotiations regarding the purchase price and any special conditions.
  2. Ensure the correct price and property details are listed on the contract.
  3. Contact your solicitor to discuss the contract if you have any queries.

Step 3 – During Contract

  1. Complete and return all relevant documents to your solicitor.
  2. Liaise with your financier to ensure a release of mortgage if required. If you select TOTAL Conveyancing to act in your transaction, we will also liaise with your financier to ensure a smooth process.
  3. Liaise with your utility providers to disconnect or transfer your service.

Step 4 – Before Settlement

  1. Ensure your release of mortgage is finalised, if applicable.
  2. Make contact with your solicitor to ensure there are no outstanding matters.

Step 5 – After Settlement

  1. Read our final letter of advice.
  2. Change your address where necessary.
  3. Enjoy the sale proceeds.